Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doodling ....

Noah, Abigail, and I sat together yesterday and doodled. It was nice just to sit and create with no expectation or purpose. I created this little LOVE drawing for Michael. Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary and instead of getting him a card a drew a little sketch for him.

Santa brought Abigail an easel and art supplies. She has been obsessed with using her watercolors. She created a squirrel and I created a squirrel. I can’t remember the last time I used watercolors. I love all of the little creations she has been making with her new paints.

Noah created a few pen drawings. This is a portrait of Michael. He was also kind enough to create portraits of Abigail and me. Abbey was mad because he forgot her ears and new earrings and I was mad because he added my fabulous crow’s feet, he thought it was hysterical.

Today the kids go back to school and Michael back to work. I am planning on starting a new collage with a fabulous frame that I saved from the garbage. My mother-in-law was with me when I spotted the free sign setting in someone’s front yard and a few wonderful vintage frames setting next to it. I think I embarrassed her a little. I was so excited. The frames they were giving away go for $15 or more at the flea market. I think she thinks I’m a little nutty!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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