Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Week ...

This week was full of...


Bingo with my grandma and sister,

Riding bike,

Making humming bird feeders,

creating butterflies,

and Caterpillars for the children's art show
and my favorite part,


They are so pretty and they make the whole backyard smell beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter and A New Project ...

Hi! I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! I know I am a week late on an Easter post but better late than never.

Easter was nice but a little sad. Noah came to me Saturday morning after Abbey’s preschool egg hunt and said he wanted to talk to me about something. I knew what he wanted to talk about and I wasn’t ready to answer the question he was looking for. You want to keep your kids small and innocent forever but unfortunately there comes a time when you have help pop the balloon. He asked me if the Easter bunny and Santa Claus were real. He is 9 and I remember I was his age when I stopped believing but I didn’t want to be the one to tell him. He was so mature when we talked about it, I think I was more upset then he was. He thanked me for all the wonderful gifts he had gotten over the years which was sweet. We had a really great talk. I know he is not perfect and makes mistakes but he really is an amazing boy. After we were finished talking I asked him if he had any other questions and he blurts out where do babies come from. I shot back ask your father in two years, I guess he is not my baby anymore.

Abbey had fun coloring eggs!

This is one of the eggs I colored. Michael won the best egg decorator award. He was so excited his artwork was better than mine!

Friday I finally had a chance to create!  I would love to finish my boot collage over the next couple of days. I have a lot more succulents create before I can even start putting it together.

I am a little stumped how I want to do the background!

I have been a little preoccupied helping put together an art show for Abbey's Preschool. It is amazing how time consuming putting together a little event can be. I have been contacting local artist on Etsy to participate. I have met some amazing people! I am hoping for beautiful weather on May 5th and a nice turnout! 

We are having crafts for the kids to create, a school wide masterpiece created by all the children in the school, we are setting up an Alex's Lemonade Stand, there will be local artists, crafters, and vendors, we will be grilling hot dogs and burgers and of course we will be making ice cream sundaes! 

I can definitely check off my volunteer more goal on my things I wanted to do in 2012! :)
Now I just need to create more!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Recycled Material Collage-Butterfly on a Sunflower

A vintage frame, vintage book pages, vintage thread, watercolor paper, colored pencils, vintage sequins and watercolor paint are the ingredients for my latest collage!!!

6 small black and white butterflies were created on vintage book pages with a black colored pencil.

A vibrant green, deep burgundy, bright purple and warm orange butterfly is sitting on a soft colorful sunflower.

Have a beautiful spring day!!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy April!!!!

Happy April! I know I am a little late in saying that but life has been busy and I have not had a chance to pop in. I wanted to share a sneak peek at a new recycled material collage I started working on yesterday. No birds in this one unless you consider chicks and hens birds. I sat in the sun and drew a boot. Not overly exciting but the image of the finished piece of art in my head is unique and different so I can’t wait to finish this “Boot” art.
My husband has 3 pairs of work boots given to him from his father and well my husband is not a work boot kind of guy. Which was great for me I had my pick of 6 different models. I drew the boot on a brown paper bag with colored pencils.
I am helping put together an art show at Abbey’s preschool and one of the crafts we are going to have available for the children to do is to decorate a flower pot for their moms for Mother’s Day. I planted the Zinnia seeds last week and they are starting to peek through. Today the kiddies and I are going to start our flower and veggie seeds.
This was my birthday present, a little green house to start seeds in. It is so nice to have a place to put the seeds other than all over the kitchen and the dining room! We will take it down during the summer and put it back up next fall, to grow lettuce and other cool weather veggies. I know it doesn’t take much to make me happy!
Here is Isabel; I had to give her a bath yesterday. She once again found something she thought made her smell fabulous and made me cringe. I searched the yard for any casualties but I found nothing. I have no idea what she found to roll in, I hope whatever it was is gone.

I guess she is trying to rub off the shampoo smell!

Before I began my boot yesterday I sat on the porch and began a new acrylic painting. I didn’t get as far as I hoped. I really need to buy new paint. I am out of two primary colors and white. I hope the Easter Bunny brings me a basket of paint.

I am going to be listing a new piece of art in my Etsy shop today. Another butterfly collage. It has been to long since I have listed anything new, I really need to make time to create more!