Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mr. Snowman and Mr. Owl

I wanted to share another holiday painting, Mr. Snowman and Mr. Owl.
The painting was completed on a piece of wood in acrylic paint.The base of the snowman and the snow covered hill is paper from a vintage book. Parts of the painting has been highlighted in gold glitter paint.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Show and Tell ....

I wanted to start a new series on my blog called Show and Tell Fridays. It will either feature something new I created, or something I love. For my first show and tell I thought I would share a watercolor print displayed three ways.
 The first piece of art I created with this print was an ornament made up of recycled and vintage materials, including a vintage book cover, vintage book pages, acrylic paint, glitter paint, and vintage thread.
 The second piece of art features part of a vintage drawer, acrylic paint, vintage drawer pull, glitter paint, and a vintage book page.
Lastly I created another ornament. This one is slightly smaller than the first. It too is made from a vintage book cover, vintage thread, acrylic and glitter paint, a vintage book page and sequins.
All three pieces can be found in my Etsy shop!
Happy Black Friday!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Snow Lady Decorated in Butterflies and Flowers ...

Fall is normally my favorite season but this year the idea of it getting cold makes me sad, mainly because of all the butterflies disappearing and the flowers dying. So the other day when I was in my studio I began thinking about how beautiful it would be if you could see butterflies and flowers in the snow. Picture this, the morning right after a large snow storm when the whole world is asleep under a shimmering white blanket of snow, when the sky is that deep brilliant blue and the air is completely still. Imagine how amazing it would be to see a vibrant orange Monarch or a bright yellow Swallowtail flutter and glide about and then land on a snow covered branch. I think that would be absolutely breathtaking.
If I could build a snowman on that winter's day this is what she would look like.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly Sitting on a Pumpkin

All summer I tried to get a great photograph of a gray hairstreak butterfly. Out of all of the butterflies that visit my yard this is my favorite. They are so tiny, not much bigger than the white clover flowers you can find them sitting on.   They are also quite quick so just when you think you have the perfect shot they fly off.
I featured this stunning butterfly on my final autumn painting of the year.
The butterfly is sitting on a curly vine attached to a vibrant orange and purple pumpkin. Burgundy leaves decorated in gold glitter are found falling in the background and covering the ground.  
A vintage plastic frame that I painted with orange acrylic paint and red glitter paint surround the colorful painting.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Five New Owls....

Barred Owl
Can you guess what this Barred Owl was painted on???? If you guessed the bottom part of a dresser drawer you are correct.  I normally would not paint on the bottom part of the drawer but I fell in love with the contact paper that was covering it and I knew it would make a fabulous background.
Art Print wood block, Amber Owl Sitting on the Moon. THe original art was created on a vintage book page in ink and colored pencil.
Owl Sitting on a White Pumpkin. The canvas for this painting was a side panel from the same drawer the Barred Owl is painted on. I love using pieces of old drawers the dove tailed edges add so much character to the art. Hanging from a rusted nail is an old metal funnel.
A print of my Wide Eyed Owl painting. The owl is mounted to a piece of pine with four rusted nails. This is one of my favorites, I love rich colors.
My newest owl painting. A Saw Whet Owl peeking from a hole in a tree trunk. The canvas for this painting was two pieces of wood from a vintage table that I disassembled. I put the wood together with nails and wood glue. I love the unique shape to the painting. It has it's own look.
Today I am starting a watercolor collage featuring a Great Horned Owl. I have not created a collage  or a watercolor painting in a while. Today I feel like trading my acrylics in for watercolors and my hammer and saw in for some thread and a needle.
 Have a great Friday!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hi!!! I am so excited I am able to post some art on my blog!!!! I have not been able to post anything new because blogger has not been working for me. Every time I would try to post something it would freeze up. I have so many new piece to share. Today I though I would show some of my new art prints.
My husband surprised me in August with a new Epson printer, I love it!!! We had an HP printer that I had been using to create my cards, ornaments, and tags, but I never felt comfortable using it for more than that. The printing quality on my new printer is amazing, the detail and the color is breathtaking. I can make prints of all my art including prints of my acrylic paintings and it picks up all the details!
The first print I am sharing is my watercolor fox. The materials used to create this fun mixed media piece include a vintage teal sewing hoop, a vintage bead, vintage thread, silver glitter, a silver pipe cleaner, and material from an old pair of white Capri pants that I grew out of.  
The next art print piece I want to share is a watercolor print of a pastel colored owl. I love this owl art especially his eyes!!! The materials used in this mixed media art include a vintage sewing hoop, vintage thread, vintage lace, gold glitter paint and material from a pair of moss green shorts that I grew out of. (All the recycled clothes I use in my art were  pre-Abbey,  I think she helped make my hips wider!!!lol)
This owl art features a print of my favorite colored pencil drawing. The print has been mounted on a piece of wood that I painted with a yellow ochre acrylic and then stained with burnt umber paint. Vintage blue thread was used to decorate the board before I attached the owl image with six rusted nails.
Next is my Little Green Elephant. He has been attached to a piece of wood with three vintage mint green tacks. The wood was painted with orange, mint green, and cream acrylic paint. There are three tiny white flowers in the upper left corner. The art was stained with burnt umber acrylic paint.
The last art print I am going to share is my Little Pumpkin watercolor print. Wood, vintage tacks and an old book page are the materials used in this art. The wood was painted black and light blue and then stained. The print was sewed to the old book page before I attached the paper to the wood with  the four vintage yellow tacks.
I have about 17 other new piece of art to share, including Christmas art and a few new Owl paintings.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happiness is ...

Hands covered in paint.

Fresh flowers in my studio.

A new project.

Halloween Art!!!

Pumpkins, witches, and cats it was a good day!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zinnias ...

Bright, bold, and inspirational.  Thanks to these beauties I have some fun plans for this week!

Friday, August 31, 2012


Wednesday was the first chance I had all summer to go to the local flea market. I was on a mission to find rusty nails, vintage tacks, thread and old books. I have loved going to flea markets ever since I was a kid. I loved looking at the old clothing and jewelry and I would put together fabulous rooms in my head. When I went to my senior prom I carried a vintage purse, wore vintage lace gloves, and an antique necklace that was my great-grandmothers. I much rather wonder around an outdoor market than go to the mall, where else can you spend less than $10.00 and get everything you are looking for?!?

I found a fabulous book for $2.00. It is from 1952, and in great condition. I love drawing on old book pages and using the paper in my collages. After getting it home though I am not sure if I can do that? It is filled with amazing illustrations. The art has that kitsch look and now I am not sure what I want to do with the book!?!

Next I purchased the thread and the adorable black cat, the price $1.00!!!! I use vintage thread to sew my art together and well I love black cats. The deep pink and the brilliant blue thread will fit in nicely with some of the pieces I have planned.

Finally I found and purchased the rusty nails, upholstery tacks, and hooks, $1.00! And the Peter Pan jar filled with rusty nails $1.00! For $5.00 I found everything I was looking for!