Friday, September 28, 2012

Five New Owls....

Barred Owl
Can you guess what this Barred Owl was painted on???? If you guessed the bottom part of a dresser drawer you are correct.  I normally would not paint on the bottom part of the drawer but I fell in love with the contact paper that was covering it and I knew it would make a fabulous background.
Art Print wood block, Amber Owl Sitting on the Moon. THe original art was created on a vintage book page in ink and colored pencil.
Owl Sitting on a White Pumpkin. The canvas for this painting was a side panel from the same drawer the Barred Owl is painted on. I love using pieces of old drawers the dove tailed edges add so much character to the art. Hanging from a rusted nail is an old metal funnel.
A print of my Wide Eyed Owl painting. The owl is mounted to a piece of pine with four rusted nails. This is one of my favorites, I love rich colors.
My newest owl painting. A Saw Whet Owl peeking from a hole in a tree trunk. The canvas for this painting was two pieces of wood from a vintage table that I disassembled. I put the wood together with nails and wood glue. I love the unique shape to the painting. It has it's own look.
Today I am starting a watercolor collage featuring a Great Horned Owl. I have not created a collage  or a watercolor painting in a while. Today I feel like trading my acrylics in for watercolors and my hammer and saw in for some thread and a needle.
 Have a great Friday!!!!!

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