Saturday, November 5, 2011

This Week ...

Halloween, a broken oven, 2 cars that were in for repairs, and a house full of sick people, it was an interesting week. Halloween was fun, Abbey was a Ladybug, Noah was a Werewolf, I was a Clown and well Michael was Michael.

Every year I try to make something gross looking for the kids to eat. Abbey thinks it's fun and Noah usually gets nauseous. This year for breakfast I made green zombie fingers oozing blood, with a side of brains and toast.

I still can't believe there was snow on the ground on Halloween!

Not everything was bad this week, my washer was fixed and should last me a long time. Yeah, no more laundy mat!

I created 2 new cards at the request of a fabulous customer and they came out beautifully.

We also had a house guest. While I was cleaning up the yard from the snowstorm I spotted this Monarch laying on the back porch. He was barely moving so I brought him inside and set him on a couple of zinnias I had in a vase. I don't think he got the memo about the snow. He lived a couple of days in the house. Unfortunately he did not make it to Mexico.

I love October but this year I am glad it's over. The ending was definitely scary and I am happy its November.

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