Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School ...

Noah started third grade last Monday and my little lady started Pre-k today. I have been a wreck, my nerves are shot, my eye has been twitching and I have been having nightmares about my children’s school year. Last year was an amazing year for both of the kids. They both had fabulous teachers who they adored and that adored them. They both excelled academically and it was really a pleasant year.
Noah has had five days of school and between being tired and moody and out of sorts the first four days weren’t the start I was hoping for. It seemed to take him extra long this year to get into the groove. I was starting to get worried and then I was reminded how this has been the norm for the past few years and that it will pass. Well today he came home and finally said he had a great day with no buts attached. I know and I explained to him that every year is going to be different and that he has to give this year a chance. He really loved his teacher last year and these first few days have been quite an adjustment for him, but deep down I know he will be fine, damn wonderful teachers.

My first day of third grade!

Abbey was ready to go to school at 6:30 this morning, unfortunately for her she only goes half day and starts after lunch. I am nervous about the year. Last night I had a nightmare that I got into a screaming match with her teacher, something that I would never do. Abbey’s teacher last year was fun and quirky and adorable. I wanted to adopt her. Abbey’s class also only had six children total it was a dream. She didn’t look back when she took off up the stairs and was smiling when I picked her up. I was so relieved. She is excited and that makes me happy.
Being a parent is hard. I know my children are small and I have not gone through that much but I love those little animals so much I just want all the happiness in the world for them. What I worry about the most is how they are going to interact with others and how they are going to be treated by their peers. I hate the idea of some idiot treating them badly and how that will affect them. I wish I could protect them from everything but I know I can’t. I remember what is was like to be a kid and how tough and hard it can be. In the end all I can ever really do is be here to listen and support them.

My first day of kindergarten!

Now that the fear of the unknown is over and our routine is back I can finally get into my studio. The stress is slowly fading and I am excited to get back to creating.

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