Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello ...

I just wanted to pop in say hi to all my blogging friends. Life has been extra busy between getting the kids back into a route, fall baseball, Dr. Appointments, and of course most importantly getting ready for the Environmental Fair next Saturday.

I have so many ideas and projects I want to complete by next Saturday sleeping the next week will be minimal and optional. I have almost finished 2 of 4 new recyclable material collages. I have to print out and package all of my cards. I have a couple of banners I would like to put together. I am waiting to receive my recycled card-stock so I can print some paper ornaments out and gift tags. Oh and I have five paintings I have been working on. Plus I have to paint all of my set up stuff and come up with a display so when I get to the show things go smoothly. And I have rings to put together featuring prints of my art, oh and I need to create a little painting to donate to the fair. I hope I can get everything finished. I wish I could hire an assistant to do some of the mundane stuff like printing and packaging cards, printing and cutting business cards and painting my set up stuff.

I am not sure what to expect and to be honest if I sell one piece that would be great! If all goes well I am hoping to do a few small shows before the holidays.

Wish me luck and I am hoping to have a chance to update you later in the week and share some of the new items. I would love to hear feedback. Have a great weekend!

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