Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun at Knoebels and a Sneak Peek at a New Collage …

Yesterday the kids and I joined some family and friends for a fun day at Knoebels Amusement Park. Knoebels is a cute little amusement park in Pennsylvania; it’s the largest free admittance amusement park in the United States. It has a couple roller coaster, a log flume and a lot of other fun family and kiddy rides. It’s an adorable park and a great way to spend a summer day.

Noah is now tall enough to get on all of the rides and he took advantage of that fact. We went on the wooden roller coasters together; I think I embarrassed him I have a tendency to scream a little loud!

Abbey was completely fearless. I think she would have gone on everything if she wasn’t so short. They have a kiddy roller coaster and she had a blast on it. She is an adventurous little girl!

One of my favorite rides was the log flume. The three of went on together, it was a blast and luckily we didn’t get to wet.

I also wanted to share a peek at a new collage I have almost complete. I am hoping to get all of the parts sewn into place today so I can finish it and get it into my shop. The entire collage was created with recycled materials including, vintage book pages, recycled cardboard, a fabulous vintage frame, and thread. I also tried a new technique with dying paper that I have fallen in love with. I hope to share the finished product tomorrow.

Have fun today!

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  1. I've been laid up - but that's no excuse. I've been wondering what you've been up to.
    I am so jealous you guys have a free park! That is so awesome! The world needs more of those.

    Tell me the second you get that new collage up on Etsy. I had been saving for the colorful rooster on the hill with flowers - on the old book cover - but this is looking like it might trump it. Chickens - books - old frames .. le sigh!
    And your Halloween art is fantastic! I like that you made them candlesticks. Clever!


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