Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another One of my Vintage Toys ...

I wanted to share another one of my vintage toys from the 80’s, my Lite–Brite. I enjoyed playing with it as a kid and I love playing with it with my own kids.

My sister and I only used about half of the patterns so I still have plenty of new ones to share with my kids.

This toy is about 30 years old and I still think it has the original light bulb. I guess they don’t make things the way they used to.

I love the vibrant colors of the pegs, they are so cheery.

Here is an order form to get more patterns and pegs. I have a feeling this is not good anymore, especially the prices.

More colorful pegs.

If you like to see some more fabulous vintage toys stop over and visit Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday!


  1. Oh how cool! I can't believe that is still in such wonderful condition after all these years.

  2. You are absolutely right, the toys they make today are not as well built as the old ones. I never had one like this. I have an original pick-up stick set though.

  3. I had one of those when I was younger! I used to play with it a lot. I bought one for my son when he was little, but it was a new one and it just didn't seem as fun. I guess it's not a real high tech toy nowdays.


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