Friday, February 11, 2011

Pretty Peacocks ...

Lately I have been creating pieces of art featuring birds. I love painting and drawling vibrant and colorful roosters and owls. Both birds are full of so much personality and I have endless ideas when it comes to creating these feathered friends. On New Year’s Eve we took a trip to a local zoo. They had beautiful
White Swans,

Black Swans,

and Elegant Peacocks.

I have wanted to do some pieces featuring peacocks and this week I finally finished my first three drawings. All three colored pencil and pastel pieces were created on vintage music pages from a hymn book I found at the Salvation Army.

I have a number of ideas for each image. The first project I am working on is a series of multimedia collages mostly made up of recycled materials.

This is the first collage I have created. The peacock image was printed on a recycled brown paper bag. Other materials use in the collage include a recycled cereal box, ticking, vintage book pages, vintage sequins, a doily my mother-in-law was giving away, more recycled brown paper bag, vintage beads and thread that was my great-grandmothers. I also used colored pencil and pastel, gold glitter paint and left over coffee to stain the doily. I am hoping to finish the other two collages this weekend.

I hope your weekend is full of LOVE!


  1. Heather, these new pieces of artwork are wonderful. Looks like you're on a roll.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Heather, thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    I just went outside, and it's pretty warm here in Luzerne County (a few counties north of where you're at). I'm loving the temperature! I hope it keeps climbing.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too.


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