Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Grandfather's Putz ...

Every year my grandfather transforms one of the bedrooms in his old farmhouse into an exciting train display. He creates a multilevel set up featuring bridges and tunnels with adorable town scenes throughout. On New Year’s Day we stopped in to see this year’s creation. It is amazing all of the time and effort he puts into his hobby.

While we were there we found out some very interesting information about my grandfather’s passion that goes back nearly 74 years. We learned that he still has the first train that he received as a gift when he was 6 years old; my grandfather will be 80 next month I thought that was pretty amazing. He has the complete collection of Plasticville and every piece still has their original boxes. We also learned that every tiny little person on the train display was hand painted by him and he has a lot of people.

My favorite part of our trip to my grandparents was watching my grandfather acting like a kindergartner at show and tell. He was so excited to share his knowledge and love of trains with all us. He was getting out books and sharing stories, it was fun to watch. I should mention that my grandfather is usually very quiet but when he gets going he is a pip. My sister and I have agreed that we get a ton of pleasure out of watching him laugh, it is something that when we kids we rarely saw and as adults gives us so much joy.

These are a few of my favorite images from our trip. I really want to get up to their house to get more pictures before my grandfather tears it down and starts all over again. Today is Vintage Thingie Thursday so stop over to Colorado Lady and see some more fabulous family vintage!


  1. Thats amazing, good for him, he must keep adding to it every year. to me it is incredible. take care.

  2. Heather, there's nothing like a great train display. I can't believe all the details that go into the display. Amazing!

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the photos.

  3. What an amazing train and what a step back in time looking at all the different retro pieces. Loved this. Happy VTT!

  4. You are so lucky to have this collection! Just became your #86 follower!

  5. What an amazing display and a priceless treasure. I would love to see this, it looks like it should be in a museum. Have a great weekend, Nan

  6. how wonderful! i LOVE the plasticville buildings ... we like to buy them whenever we find ones that are in good shape ... and affordable! i must show this post to my hubby, he'll enjoy it too! have a wonderful weekend ... and thanks for stopping by my blog ... please visit again sometime!



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