Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Inspiration From Some Vintage Christmas Records …

A couple of months ago when I started creating holiday paintings I had the hardest time getting into the spirit. It’s hard to think about Christmas when it’s warm and sunny. I asked my father if I could borrow a few of my parents records to help create some inspiration.
I love these records …


Glenn Campbell,

Floyd Cramer,

Andy Williams,

Charlie Pride,

and countless others.

To be honest other than Elvis I have no idea who any of the other people are. I was looking on the record jackets and most of them were made at least a decade or more before I was born. I haven’t heard these records in years, but once I put them on the record player I remembered the words to every song and the order they came in. I love how they sound, a little scratchy, not perfect, just like they did when I was small. I love how happy they make me, like everything is as simple as it was twenty years ago. Listening to them not only put me in the holiday spirit, but also helped me remember so many wonderful childhood memories, my mother baking kiffles, my father lifting my sister and I to the top of our tree to place our hideous angel on top. All of these wonderful old records make me smile.

The record player I am using was my aunts when she was a teenager. It’s a little warn and beat up, but it still plays nicely and the super cool 70’s disco lights still flash when the records play. I can only imagine my aunt as a kid dancing around while listening to records on this cute little record player.

My advice is to put away the iPods for a day and pull out the old record players. It’s a nice change of pace. If you want to see more amazing vintage items stop over at Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday . Have a beautiful Thursday.


  1. I love all those old records and have some of what you have. The older Christmas records cannot be beat to get you into the Christmas spirit. Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

  2. I have a big collection of vintage records, all sizes. They are so much better to me. I just do have a record player that i can play them on.

  3. Gone are the days but I sure remember them!

  4. What a great post, I think we used to have all those albums at one time!! Happy VTT

  5. That's a cool record player. The thing I like best about records is the sleeve.

  6. Great album covers - can't remember the last time I owned a turntable, though.

  7. I would have LOVED that record player! Mine was a geeky Raggedy Ann & Andy version! Love these album covers, but my favorite is the Charlie Pride. Have fun with your groovy tunes! -diane

  8. hello, excuse me so much for the weird question: can you tell me what kind of needle for that record player? thanx so much...please, send me an email to passenger72 at - thanx in advance!


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