Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Poor Computer …

My laptop is about six years old. It is a handy down that my husband gave to me that his company gave to him as a handy down about four years ago. It has had water spilled on the keyboard at least three times, it's missing about seven keys, the only keys that all work are the letter keys, most of the number and punctuation keys no longer work. The screen is quite dark, so editing any of my art is a terrible challenge. It's been stepped on, dropped; the original power cord had to be replaced. The new power cord was wrapped in electrical tape, because the wires were exposed and sadly when I plugged it in on Friday morning sparks went flying and the smell of burnt wires and plastic filled the air. And now I am computer less. My husband has gone through two laptops and with all of its problems mine has outlasted his.
I am using his newest his newest laptop to check on my Etsy shop and write this post. I don't like it very much. I have been searching the page for the spell check button, which I desperately need for five minutes and can't find!
Ugh I wish I had my computer. The only plus too being on his computer is I found some cute pictures of the kiddies that I did not have. Hopefully I can find another cheap power cord on eBay and my tank will be back to working order by the middle of next week. Have a great week!

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