Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Little Helper ...

I have been a creative slump for a little more than a week and today the clouds lifted. I started three new projects and made good progress even with my little helper. My little helper is my two year old daughter, Abbey. I have a make shift studio slash playroom in part of my basement. There are two toy boxes over flowing with goodies, a play tent full of her favorite fashion magazines and her own little art table. Everyday we go down stairs we lug two containers of Barbie’s, her sippy, a plethora of snacks, anything and everything she can grab with her little hands. She usually plays quietly for a little but before long she takes over my stool and wants to create her own painting or have her finger and toenails painted. Today she created her own little masterpiece. There are days I wish I could get thirty minutes of work done without having to stop and put on a new Barbie outfit on or sit and have a tea party. Then I remember that I have my whole life to create art and only a few precious years with my little helper.

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