Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Fox and a Hound.

I wanted to share a newer fox painting today and the newest member of our family. Prior to last Thursday we were 4 person 2 animal household. We have been talking for awhile about getting another dog. We wanted to take the plunge before making improvements on our current house and moving into our new house. I love puppies but I know they can wreak havoc on floors and furniture and we wanted to get a pup before we made any upgrades. The furry members of our family include, Scream an eleven year old black cat and Isabelle an eight year old Norwegian Elkhound. In our little pack my husband is the alpha male and Isabelle is second in command. She is great with the kids, a fabulous watch dog and my buddy. I knew the hardest part would be getting Izzy acquainted with the new pooch. She is very protective of all of us and is a big baby.

We were searching online for puppies and stumbled across an adorable 10 week old Jug named Mittens. I have been googling over Puggles for the past year but when I saw her I knew she was the one. Mary Jane previously named Mittens was one of five puppies. Her mom is a Jug and her dad is a Pug. She is so cute and tiny. Isabelle is about 50 pounds and Mary Jane is 4.7 pounds. I love big dogs I have never been a fan of little dogs but she is so cute and has a huge personality. The kids adore her. She was quite shy and tame when we brought her home but after a couple days in our house she has fit right in and become quite comfortable. She is a little nut! The cat just looks at her, actually looks down at her and well Isabelle thinks she is a bit of a pest. Mary Jane adores Isabelle. She wants to cuddle with her and follow her around. Every day Izzy is doing better with her. It’s funny to see the two of them interact. Isabelle is definitely in charge and has no problems putting Mary Jane in her place. As I am writing this MJ is curled up at one end of the couch and Izzy at the other. I know over time they will be buddies, actually I am hoping over time they will become buddies.  


Have a great Monday, I mean Wednesday, Heather

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