Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Owl, a Sunflower, and a Butterfly ...

I wanted to share two new paintings that I listed in my shop! Both of these paintings were created on stretched canvases, I know me painting on canvas!!! I can't remember the last time I painted on canvas, it actually was a nice change. I am really happy with the appearance and the texture of the pieces.

The first painting I completed was the White Butterfly resting on the Sunflower. I love how the center of the sunflower came out. The colors really fade nicely into one another. Whenever I look into the center of a sunflower I don't just see brown or black I see a rainbow of colors. Sunflowers have been one of my favorite flowers to create since I have been a kid. They are just so bold and striking yet simple and uncomplicated.
 I thought a white butterfly would be a nice stark contrast to the colorful butterfly. They are simply beautiful.

My favorite thing about this painting is that it is a bit spooky, I would not say he is a cute owl. I love how piercing his eyes are. I think the combination of the color and size of his eyes give him a creepy appearance. Another detail I love about the painting is the ability to see the teal background stand out among the feather colors. I think it adds a beautiful depth to the art.

Have a beautiful Thursday!!!

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