Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Great Horned Owl and some fun Vintage Goodies …

Before I started painting my owl I decided I was going to do something I rarely do and paint this beautiful bird his actual color. I almost never do that and usually the only time I do is when the colors of the subject are loud and vibrant, like a butterfly or the Sun Conure Parrots.

Each time I work with watercolors I learn something new. I have been struggling with the fact that watercolors are not as naturally bold and dramatic as acrylics. the paint colors are softer and I have been trying to manipulate the medium to work with my style. I especially enjoy working with browns, grays, and yellows. I love how warm they are and how in this particular piece they give the owl a glow.

Other than the watercolor paper and paint the entire piece was made up of vintage materials. The book cover was rescued from the “Free” box at the library and the paper came out of an old set of encyclopedias my in-laws gave to me and the thread and furniture nails came from a cute shop on Etsy.

I wanted to share a few new vintage goodies I purchased on Etsy, first my furniture nails and the adorable box they came in. I have used the nails on several pieces, including the Great Horned Owl collage and the Robin on the Cherry Blossom Branch painting. I can’t get over how cute the box is! I not only purchased the nails but some vintage thread and a fun glass daffodil container from, sweetcindylouwho .

Today I received my newest purchase, colorful tacks from a fabulous vintage shop called, cheryl12108 . I love the yellow and green they are going to be perfect for my upcoming creations.

Happy Leap Day!!!!


  1. As usual your stuff is A-MAZING! And don't worry, I'm still trying to get the watercolors to brighten up too. ;) Aside from the black, it's really hard to get them to pop, but there has to be a way.
    Thanks for the advice on the colored pencils! I've started buying a few locally (Prisma - and OHMYHECK are they awesome!) and am working up to a full set. I hadn't even thought of E-bay - thanks! I'll give that a try.
    BTW: Your black and white barn owl - love, LOVE that style!

  2. OK, I have to leave another one, because I just saw your peacock. Those are so hard to get right, but woman, you outdid yourself! BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Love the owl! You're doing fantastic with watercolors.

    Try the "American Journey" brand of watercolors at if you're looking for bright/vibrant watercolors. I love this brand of watercolors.

  4. Thank you so much for the mention in your blog!!! What a fun surprise!
    Your work is just GORGEOUS! I really love the Great Horned Owl piece (and not just because I got the mention!). The peacock is to die for too. I have enjoyed making your acquaintance and appreciate your enthusiasm. Keep up the good work!


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