Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barn Owl Collage ...

Ever since I spotted this fabulous frame on the side of the road I couldn’t wait to create a piece of art to put inside of it. I love when you see something and immediately see how the finished piece is going to look.
The collage was created by repurposing, recycling and reimagining old into new. The two barn owls were created with old book pages, vintage thread and sequins and a piece of water color paper. The owls were colored with color pencil, water colors, and black pen. The owl’s faces were created out of a vintage book page and then painted with water colors. Their bodies and the entire creation was hand sewn together.

One of my favorite parts of the piece is the tree branch. The decorative paper I used came out of an old encyclopedia. I highlighted the edges with colored pencil I love the details it adds to the bark. Vintage book pages, colored pencils, water colors and sequins decorate the leaf section of the tree.

The background of the art is a piece of water color paper, painted with water colors and the highlighted with gold glitter paint and champagne colored sequins. The word love was simply written in the bottom left corner of the background.

The plastic gold frame was painted a poppy red and then I took cream colored paint and went over the red with a dry brush technique. After the paint dried I stained the frame with burnt umber acrylic paint and the highlighted the frame with gold glitter paint.
I love creating collages it, this piece of art was a blast to create!

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