Monday, November 7, 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes ...

Last Sunday the kids were sledding and I was creating a snow witch, this week we bundled up grabbed a blanket and our toys and sat on the porch playing in the sun. It was a little cool high in the upper 50’s but I am not ready to be cooped up inside. Noah played with Lego’s, Abbey played with Barbie’s, they stole my camera and played wiffle ball. Best of all I was able to create a couple of new colored pencil drawings for cards, gift tags, and ornaments.

The first owl I created I am calling my “Rainbow Owl”. He is bright, loud, and fun. When I was creating him I pictured what he would look like as an ornament hanging on a pink Christmas tree.

The next owl I created is a little mellower. I used greens, reds, yellows and whites. Noah was humming Christmas songs all afternoon so when I created the Barn Owl I went with traditional holiday colors for this pretty bird.

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

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  1. OK, I know this is an older post, but your rainbow owl caught my eye, so I had to come take a look!
    Fantastic! I love your colors - always beautiful.


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