Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Zoo and a Barred Owl...

Monday was a beautiful day so the kids and I took a trip to the zoo.

There were a couple of peacocks wandering around.

Aren't these two fabulous. Mother Nature is an amazing artist.

Abbey and Noah love feeding the goats...

and the ducks, swans, and fish.

Isn't he beautiful?

This is the first time we ever got to walk through the Kangaroo exhibit. They can come right up to you. When we walked through they were all laying in the sun. It was really neat to get to go so close to them.

I think he was posing.

Snuggling and sunbathing.

We have not had our first frost yet so there are still plenty of beautiful flowers blooming, like this cannon.

Cat's are always worried about their appearance.

I think he has at least 10 ladies who live with him, poor guy.

They have quite a large herd of Bison.

I think he this Snow owl is absolutely gorgeous. Every time we visit the zoo he just sits there and stares at you. It's almost like he is sizing you up.

This time they had three Barn owls instead of two. They had just rescued an owlet and the two older Barn owls were taking care of it.

I love the black swans. I think they are even more eloquent than the White ones. I think I might add black swans to my what I am going to paint next list.




I was really excited when I got to see the Barred owl. I just finished a painting last week featuring a Barred owl. I love the different textures and pattern in their feathers and their coloring is really beautiful. I think he looks like a wise owl, all knowing. He has a confidence in the way he holds himself.

When I created the painting I first created the vibrant sunflower. I wanted the flower to be warm and colorful, because I wanted to keep the owls coloring closer to the actual bird.

When I began the owl I mixed many different grays and warm browns. After I painted a bit I began to feel like I need to add other splashes of color. I added light blue and complimented that with orange and then I started highlighting with yellow and complimenting that with purple. He defiantly has his own look and I am really happy with how the piece came out.

Have a great Wednesday!

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