Monday, October 3, 2011

A Little bit of This and That ...

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the last couple of weeks and chat a bit.
Abigail is enjoying pre-k, writing her name beautifully, playing soccer, and wants to be a cheerleader. I am horrified. She is too little to be a cheerleader this year but she insists that she is going to do it next year. She rode on her preschool's float at the homecoming parade and you should have seen her eyes when she saw all the little girls in their cheering outfits. I swear she is 4 going on 14. We had to have a talk this week about how she is not a baby anymore and if she wants to act like a big kid (in negative ways, talking back ect.) she is going to get disciplined like a big kid. She is something else. I was not a cheerleader, actually none of my friends were cheerleaders and now my daughter wants to be one. The really scary part is she would make a wonderful cheerleader. She is beautiful, outgoing, bubbly, and a tad snotty. It really scares me. What’s scarier than that is I would be a cheer leading mom. I don’t want to offend anyone but I don’t think I would fit in very well. Michael and I believe that our children should participate in whatever they want so if she wants to do it I will support it and suffer on the inside. Another crazy thing she did this week was flirt with a little boy at soccer. I just watched in horror. One minute she was this aggressive soccer player and the next she was giggling and tossing her hair. She is her father’s daughter and she is going to be the death of me.

Noah has been doing well in school too. He was selected to be a third grade tutor for first graders and kindergartners, I am really proud of him. Along with school and baseball and boy scouts he is going to start taking cello lessons. He really wanted to play the base but they don’t allow third graders to play it. I think it’s because the instrument is bigger than they are. I hope he enjoys playing an instrument I never played one. I can’t wait to see him practice at home. He should be getting his cello Thursday. I hope he enjoys playing it.

Saturday Michael and I had a date day. We have not had a day together in over a month and it was overdue. Sometimes when we don’t spend enough time together we end up banging heads and getting on each other’s nerves. I know it should be the opposite but that is how we work. Anyhow, we took a ride to Philly and went to the Italian market. It was fun, there was so much to look at and best of all the sun came out. It is always raining and cloudy, it is really annoying. I would have pictures of the sights but I was told not to look like a tourist so I kept my photo taking too shots out of the sunroof.

My obsession with fungus continues. I even have Abigail searching for mushrooms. I took a walk yesterday while I was waiting for my clothes at the laundry mat and I spotted some really beautiful mushrooms. I’m sure people thought I was odd standing around taking pictures of tree stumps, oh well.

My busy weekend was topped off with the season premier of Dexter. It’s such a good show and the newest villain seems to be extra crazy and scary so it looks like another fabulous season. Today I am going to throw up some Halloween decorations for Abigail because she is frustrated that we don’t have anything up and everyone else does. I can’t upset the future cheerleader or who knows what will happen. Along with spooking up the place I have a few art projects I am working on for an art show I might be doing on Saturday, I hope the sun shines because it would be fun to do another show.

Thank you for listening to me babble, have a great Monday!

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