Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Pros and Cons …

Today I started a new adventure, going to the laundry mat. It was a new experience. I have never washed clothes at a laundry mat before; I have always had a washing machine.

Here are the Pros of my experience …

1. It only took an hour and fifteen minutes to wash and dry four huge loads of wash. (The four would have been seven at home and would have taken me all day because I usually hang my clothes out to dry and because my dryer takes forever.)

2. I folded everything right away and put it away right when I got home. (I have a habit of leaving things in baskets for a couple of days.)

3. I was able to sit and draw uninterrupted for almost an hour.

4. I didn’t have to run up and down stairs.

5. I didn’t flood my basement.

6. And there were some interesting people to watch.

The Cons

1. I had to leave the house to wash my clothes.

2. I missed hanging my laundry on the wash line.

3. There were a few scary people.

4. I had to lug four full containers of wash to and from my car four times.

5. It was HOT in the laundry mat.

6. I missed having my own washer.

Overall it wasn’t too bad. I have learned a few things for next time so it should go a little smoother.

Have a relaxing Sunday!


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  2. Heather, a great piece of artwork resulted. It doesn't get better than that!

    Have a great weekend.


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