Monday, August 22, 2011

Out in the Woods …

This past weekend we packed up the kids and dog for a fun trip into the woods of northern Pennsylvania. My husband has recently become a member of his 92 year old grandfathers hunting club. Michael is not a hunter and he really does not enjoying being outdoors, but it was very special and important to his grandfather that he become a member. He has been up a couple of times with his grandfather and father for work weekends and “hunting” outings. Because he is a member he owns part of the hunting cabin and can go up and use it whenever it is free.

I knew sort of what I was getting into because I had heard stories about the cabin. We arrived in the dark so my first impression was the smell and a mounted ram and deer head in the living room, not the best first impression ever. I kept thinking keep an open mind. When we woke up and I looked outside my first impression quickly disappeared and was replaced with how beautiful everything was. The scenery was breathtaking. Everything smelled so clean and it was so quiet and peaceful. As for the cabin it has running water, electricity, and air conditioners in the sleeping quarters, after driving around and seeing how some people rough it in the woods this place is like the Hilton.

The weekend was full of hiking, fishing, and exploring. It really is a beautiful place. We hunted for toads and crayfish in the stream. Saw a bear, a couple of tiny snakes, and a few beautiful hawks. Everywhere you looked there was something amazing to see. Michael has discovered he loves to fish and finds it very relaxing. He caught a couple of rainbow trout and a brown trout. Yours truly also caught a beautiful rainbow trout, I wanted to throw it back but Michael wouldn’t let me. I can’t kill bugs let alone a fish, I felt so guilty.

I would love to go back in October and experience it all over again when the leaves are bursting with color.

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  1. Heather, the pictures are lovely. I really like the photo with the mushrooms and the last photo that shows the sun shining through the trees. Maybe these pictures will provide some inspiration for future paintings.


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