Monday, August 1, 2011

Boy Scout Camp, A Vacation in Maine, and an Abrupt Snap Back to Reality …

The last couple of weeks have been full of new things, beauty, adventure, family, and so much fun. Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to Boy Scout camp with Noah. It was a week full of new experiences, insane heat and unforgettable memories.

Last week we traveled to Maine for our family vacation. It was packed full of outdoor activities, laughter, beauty, and fun. It was the best vacation I have ever been on. Saturday we arrived home and less than 24 hours later our washing machine broke and flooded our entire basement with 3 inches of water, talk about being thrown back into reality. After six plus hours of cleaning the water is gone. Michael’s office rug is still soaked and there is still a lot of cleaning to do. I wish I could sit in a corner and cry. I wish I was back at Boy Scout camp searching for creepy crawlies in the creek or kayaking in Maine among the dragonflies. Today will be full of sucking up more water out of the rug and renting a fan to help dry out the basement, FUN, FUN!

I hope you have a dryer Monday than I do.

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