Thursday, May 5, 2011

Black and White...

I love using vibrant colors. The louder the orange, the brighter the blue and the hotter the pink the happier I am. Oddly enough my newest drawings don’t feature any color at all. I have been sitting down with a vintage book page and a sharpie and I just doodle. I have no plan, no preconceived notion about what I am going to draw I just completely live in the moment and do whatever pops into my head. It is so much fun, so relaxing, and I am really excited about the finished products.

Noah was actually the inspiration behind my new pieces of art. He draws a lot of little cartoons. Normally he just uses a pen and draws whatever pops into his head. I love his cartoons. Right now he is into drawing birds. (There must be something in our water.) I love how raw and unrefined his pieces are. There is so much innocence in his lines; I wish I could draw like that. He always asks me who my favorite artists are and I always say him and his sister.

Featured in these new pieces are my favorite subjects at the moment, owls and roosters. I know that these new images are going to appear on cards and collages for sure. I was also thinking of doing a 2012 calendar and some art pillows. Whatever I decide to create with them I will be sure to share them with all my wonderful readers.

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