Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun Collages ...

Elegant Hoop Collage-Barn Owl

This elegant collage is a full of vibrant colors, shimmery sequins, and pretty artwork. In the foreground is an elegant barn owl perched on a wooden fence post. Framing the bird are beautiful white, purple, pink lilacs and a cute cherry tree. In the distance are five vibrant multi colored hills. Colorful sequins dot the colored pencil and pastel drawings.

The canvas inside the hoop is a recycled pair of jeans. I left some excess jean around the outside to frame the vintage hoop. I have colored the jean border with blue and red pastels. I used vintage thread to sew the miniature pieces of art to the jean canvas. In the sky above the owl are tiny stars made clear beads. I have sewed a red ric rac loop onto the top of the collage for easy hanging.

Some of the fun materials used to create this collage include, recycled paper bags, recycled jeans, a vintage hoop, vintage thread, sequins, beads, colored pencil, pastels, and pen.

Cute Little Hoop-Owl Family

This petite piece of art is a fun collection of vintage and recycled materials. Each colorful owl was drawn on a different type of paper. The largest owl was created on a brown paper bag, the pretty pink and green on a piece of drawing paper, the pretty white and orange on a vintage book page, and lastly the black sheep of the brood on a vintage music page. The whimsical branch was created out of brown paper bag and the leaves and flowers from vintage music and book pages. A cute little banner with the world family written on it hangs above this fun bunch. At the bottom of the collage, off in the distance are three colorful hills.

Everything has been sewn on a recycled toddler shirt of my daughters that wasn’t nice enough to be donated. I stained the shirt with coffee and attached all of my drawings with vintage thread. I added colorful and shimmery sequins to the art for a little glitter. I have sewn a loop of material to the piece for easy hanging. Four pretty sequins decorate the loop.

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  1. Your artwork is inspiring for me. I want to do some collage but its hard to get started, this helped.


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