Friday, March 18, 2011

Vibrant Barn Owl ...

Things that make me happy, feeling better and doing what I Love!

I have a couple of hours three afternoons a week when I can paint and create uninterrupted. Between not feeling well and other obligations I haven’t been able to use that time for art. This week I could not wait to create something. After I dropped Abbey off at preschool I would hurry home, turn on some music and paint. This is the first painting I finished this week, I also have a fabulous, colorful rooster in the works. It feels wonderful to feel good and to be able to do something I truly love.

Here are a few more pictures of my "Vibrant Barn Owl" painting.


  1. Beautiful, glad you get your three afternoons. you are very talented. have a great weekend.

  2. Just wanted to say that you are very talented and to keep up the excellent creativity. The owls are a pleasure to look at - especially with all the colors that you define. Sometimes we need to be in that spiritual mode to do such wonderful things. Follow your passion and your passion will follow you...


I love reading your comments. I like knowing that I am talking to someone other than myself for a change.