Friday, March 25, 2011

Purple Barn Owl on a Vintage Book Page …

Things that make me happy, FRIDAY!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. It was a crazy day filled with cleaning (yuk), laundry (yuk), playing with the little lady (yeah!), and finishing a new banner to put in my Etsy shop (woo hoo!).

Yesterday while I ate breakfast I created this pretty little bird. It was nice to be able to sit at the table in the sun and create. When I am home with Abbey she usually monopolizes my time and I get very little time to work on art. However, yesterday morning she was quite content to play alone which is unusual for her.

The original drawing was completed in colored pencil, pastel, and pen on a vintage book page. I like this page because it has the name of the library it came from and where the library is. I bought the book at a Salvation Army near my house. I live in Pennsylvania and the library book was from Mississippi. I thought that was kind of neat. (I don’t get out much).

Tonight once the kids are in bed and my husband leaves for his poker game I am going to park myself in front of the TV, put on Bridget Jones’s Diary or a Lifetime Movie pull out my colored pencils and pastels and start a new drawing. I hope your Friday night is a little more lively!

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  1. Heather, you've outdone yourself this time. The barn owl is fabulous!


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