Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Renesday, Happy Red ...

Red is one of my favorite colors. It is one of those colors that just make you feel happy and warm all over. Here are some wonderful red thingies that make me smile. Stop over at It's A Very Cherry World! for Rednesday and some more happy red.


  1. Love your reds! Yes, my reds make me feel warm and cozy inside too.

  2. I love the doll plate-I have the same one. The red shoe in the garden is so cute. Nice touches of red-also like your polka dot side bars!Happy Reds!

  3. (Hey Leslie, I'm following you - I thought I recognized that plate!)

    I love this post. Your photography is stunning! I just love all your reds and so charming and cheery in combo with yellow.

    Is the flower a zinnia? So precious. And I adore the little red shoe and colander as planters! And little red wagons bring back wonderful memories of my brother taking me along on his paper route as a child ... I'd sit in the wagon with the papers and our Cocker Spaniel.

    Happy Rednesday!

  4. Beautiful Zinnia! Just love that little plate with the girl - so cute!


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