Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Steps ...

Today was a big day. Today my mother came to my house and visited me and Abbey. She had not seen Abigail since she was twelve months old. I was a nervous wreck before she arrived. Abbey had talked to her on the phone and she had seen pictures of my mother but had not seen her in person. Abbey can be very shy around people she does not know well and I was nervous about how she would interact with my mother.

My little sweetie did very well and she seemed to take a liking to my mother. They laughed, played on the swing set, and shared jewelry. I am glad they got to spend time together. One of the most painful parts of not having a relationship with my mom was knowing she was missing out on watching my beautiful little girl grow up.

Today was a small baby step in an effort to repair my relationship with my mother. We have a very long hard road ahead of us. Things have been negative and today was a wonderful positive bright spot. It was a nice change.


  1. I'm happy to hear that you had a good time with your mom. I'm on the same boat and I guess it just takes time...

    Take care! :)

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment! Just make sure that you correctly identify the chickweed or any other plants that you find and if you are unsure ask your local herbalist for assistance or a friend who knows what chickweed looks like.

    Right up to about two years ago my mom and I had a very hard time getting along but finally we where able to talk about our feelings and since then our relationship has been so much better!! Good luck! It sounds like maybe your daughter could act like a bridge to help bring you and your mother closer.


I love reading your comments. I like knowing that I am talking to someone other than myself for a change.