Friday, March 26, 2010

Winter ... Spring ...

Good Bye Winter ...

On Saturday we said good bye to old man winter. Part of me is going to miss him. The beautiful sunsets that fade behind the leafless trees. How magical the world looks when everything is painted white. The comfortable silence that surrounds you right after it snows. I think my favorite part of this winter was watching the excitement in my children’s eyes every time the flakes began to fall. This was the first time either of them have seen that much snow. This winter was packed full of so many special memories, this was definitely one winter I will never forget.

Hello Spring ...

On Saturday we said hello to spring. I have a love hate relationship with spring. I love that everything comes back to life. Everyday something is a little greener, something new is blooming and there are a few more birds singing. Each time you walk outside there is something new to see, the world comes alive and everyday is a new adventure.

There are however a few things I hate about spring. My brain goes into overdrive, one minute I am depressed, then anxious, and finally manic. My moods seem to mimic the crazy spring weather. It’s as though all the changes that are happening around me influence my moods. It can be overwhelming some days but it is who I am, at least spring isn’t boring. The other part I hate is seeing that there is a little bit more of me. Seeing those glowing, slightly plumper arms in the mirror for the first time after months of sweaters can be shocking. The bright side is I have three months to fix that problem before I have to squeeze into a swimsuit.
Happy Spring!


  1. I understand the love-hate relationship with spring, too. My complaints have to more to do with allergies, though. I'm sitting here, Kleenex in hand, trying to keep up with the dripping nose. But I do love the colors and warmth of spring.

  2. I used to be more of a winter person but as I have gotten older I find myself loving the spring and summer more and more. I just can't get enough of the sun and the heat after the cold weather.

  3. I LOVE this! We are traveling during Easter this year, so I didn't get to play much with my Easter decor - I'm on the hunt for MORE vintage Easter decor...of course!


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