Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Little Seeds Have Sprouted …

I planted four types of seeds last week from annual flowers I grew last year. Two of them have cooperated, the Purple Zinnias have all sprouted and four of the Pink Cosmos. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that the Mexican sunflowers will sprout, they have a longer germination time.

As you can see I have taken the containers out of the plastic bags and propped them open with my high tech gardening pencils. I have set the strawberry containers in a tray so I can water the seedlings from the bottom. They will stay in these containers until they grow their second set of leaves. Stay tuned to see my scientific transplanting methods.

Quick Tip: Make sure you rotate your seedlings to keep the stems strong. You don’t want them leaning one way it will weaken the stems.

Here are a few packets of seeds I picked up this week while I was out. I am hoping to start them this week. I will let you know if I have any luck with them.

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