Monday, March 8, 2010

I am Thirty What Today ...

I can not believe today is my 31st birthday. I can remember my eighth birthday like it was yesterday. I had pinkeye, my parents threw me a surprise birthday party and I got to go to The Academy of Natural Science Museum in Philadelphia. When I was eight I was obsessed with dinosaurs, going to the museum was my present, Stegosaurus was my favorite.

As far as birthdays go this one is not very exciting. My husband is out of town, Noah has school, Abbey has speech, and I get to go grocery shopping. The last couple days for a lack of a better word have been kind of shitty. Seeing my parents was hard, Michael being away sucks and well having a birthday brings up so many different emotions.

I wanted to do something fun for my blog post to distract myself. So hear are 31 random things about yours truly.

When I was thirteen I gave a boy a bloody lip for trying to kiss me.
I think bugs and spiders are beautiful.
I have spilt water on my laptop at least 3 times, some of my keys no longer work.
I love warm summer evenings, the smells, the sounds, and the stars.
I have a black cat named Scream.
My favorite character from Sesame Street was the Count.
I cannot walk in high heels without assistance.
I secretly love watching Star Wars with my son.
I have four grey hairs. I almost cried when my hairdresser told me.
I steal my daughters Hello Kitty lip gloss because I am too cheap to buy my own.
My favorite TV shows are, Dexter, True Blood, Weeds, and the Golden Girls.
I hope I live long enough to watch my great-grandchildren playing in my gardens.
I played volleyball in high school and college.
My favorite children’s book is, The Little House, by Virginia Lee Burton.
I don’t believe in doing anything unless I am passionate about it.
I am writing this while watching Twilight, I know I am too old to love this movie.
The three places I want to visit before I die are Greece, Egypt, and France.
I have loved my husband ever since I first saw him.
My dream home would be a little cottage with a wrap around porch on a lake.
My favorite radio station is
I am shy.
When I grow up I want to illustrate children’s books.
I dislike closed minded ignorant people.
My favorite kind of sushi is eel rolls.
My husband still gives me butterflies.
I am a terrible speller.
I could sit and stare at the ocean forever.
I wish I was as carefree and fearless as my daughter.
I wish I was as intelligent and confident as my son.
I love working in my flowerbeds almost as much as I love to paint.
If I have learned anything in my 31 years on this planet it is to not take anyone for granted and love as many people as possible.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Another Piscean! :D Love your thirty-one things. I won't even tell you how many grey hairs I have and I'm only 3 years older. :(

    I hope you have a wonderful despite how things have been lately. ((((Hugs))))

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! I enjoyed your 31 things about you, I think I may do that next year for my birthday if I don't forget! :-)

  3. Happy birthday, Heather. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday dear heather!
    happy birthday to you!

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday! :)

    I was looking for an E-mail address to send you a personal message. Could you drop me a line when you get free moment? :)

    Thanks! <3

  6. Happy Birthday, Heather! I love your list! It's inspiring!

  7. OMG!! I am 31 too!! I loved what you said about yourself. My friend Laurie loves Twilight too and she is 30. Star Wars Rocks!! but only 4,5,6! I hope you found something fun to do for your birthday!

  8. Happy belated Birthday! I found you through Friday Follow. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. Happy belated bday! And happy Friday Follow too.

    Love your list and especially your cat's name. Too funny.

  10. Hi, happy Follow Friday! I'm your newest follower!


  11. Happy Birthday! You are the 2nd blog I have come across on the "Follow Friday" celebrating a birthday today :-)

    Happy Follow Friday!

  12. Happy Friday!! I am a New Follower!!


  13. I found you through follow friday. I am now following you.

  14. Hi, I am following your blog from Friday Follow, You can also follow mine at

  15. Happy birthday! I hope it turned out to be a great day for you.
    And now here is my list for you.
    1. I love your profile pic. You are so pretty and I love the flower in your hair!
    2. I love that your cat's name is scream.
    3. I love your style. I am really into damask right now.
    4. I heart your etsy shop!! Yay for fellow etsy sellers!
    5. I am glad I found you blog. I'm following you now, :)

  16. Happy belated birthday! I have similar likes as your list. Oh, and you arent too old to like Twilight! ;)


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