Saturday, October 15, 2011

While I was Waiting for the Laundry …

Today is the perfect fall day! It is cool and breezy, the sun is out and we are going to the pumpkin patch! I love going to the pumpkin patch ! Today we will pick our spooky pumpkins to carve.

Before or day of family fun day could kick off I had to make a quick trip to the laundry mat. I went early so I could get the clothes hung on the line to dry. It is the perfect day to hang laundry out. Yes, I am still trucking our dirty clothes to be washed at the laundry mat. It’s a pain in the ass but if I go when Michael is home I get a whole hour to myself and that part is nice. Today while the clothes were swishing around the washers I went for a walk. I love walking when it is cold and breezy. Your eyes get all teary and the tips of your ears get cold but if you take in a deep breath the cold air seems to soothe your soul. It’s relaxing, refreshing and calming.
I took a few pictures of beautiful things I saw while I was jazzercising.

It was a good week this week. Noah got 100% on his first real science test. I was so proud of him. The essay he wrote was so descriptive and well written. He is so much smarter than I ever was. We studied together for the science test, I love studying with him.

Miss Abigail kicked butt at soccer. I was so proud. She plays soccer once a week at her preschool. It is a mix of boys and girls and it is really cute to watch. They scrimmaged at the end of their practice and my little all-star did not score one goal but three goals. She is so fast and she gets right in there with the boys and shows no fear. One minute she is aggressively going for the ball and the next she is giggling and tossing her hair, she is way too much.

As for me I was busy listing items. I still have a few things to take pictures of. I didn’t get to create anything this week and I am starting to get the shakes. I have two commission pieces to create next week and I am excited to start them.

Have a fabulous weekend with the people you love!

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