Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast…

Well it is official my 4 year old daughter has a boyfriend. Is it possible to have a boyfriend at 4? It is really cute and all in fun but it is one of the craziest things she has pulled yet and I know the older she gets the more wrinkles I will get and the grayer I will become.

The other day we were talking about her day at school and she said she played on the playground with her "boyfriend". This is the little boy she was tossing her hair at and giggling with at soccer a few weeks ago. He went from the curly hair boy, to his actual name, and now he is just her boyfriend.

She had a class trip to the pumpkin patch and she had to make sure she was sitting by him on the hayride. She actually got up and moved to be closer to him. His mom asked if she could have my number to set up a play date and now that is all Abigail can talk about. We haven’t made any plans but it is on the top of her to do list.

Today they had soccer again and of course when she wasn’t playing she was standing next to her “boyfriend”. She was one of the first kids to finish a drill so she was sitting with another boy. This boy is always giving her a hard time. He is a little male chauvinist. Always making comments about how girls can’t play soccer and how he doesn’t want girls on his team. So her little friend sits next to her and this boy is still tormenting her and her “boyfriend” turns to him and says, “stop giving her a hard time.”And the other boy says, “Why?” And her boyfriend says, “because she is my friend.” It was the cutest thing. I couldn’t help but start to laugh. His mother and grandmother were there and I guess he walks around calling her his girlfriend; my daughter is way too much.

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