Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Peek into the Last Week and a New Project …

The last week has been filled with inspiration, new ideas, heart break, and black and blue marks.

First the heart break …
Noah was picked to play in the all-star game for baseball last Saturday, he was so excited. We were so proud of him. Unlike school athletics does not come naturally to Noah. He has come a long way since last year. He is excited to play and learn and it is awesome to see him working so hard especially at something that doesn’t come easily, it really shows a lot of character. During warm ups Noah got hit with a ball in the eye. He dropped to the ground and when Michael ran over to him it was already swelling up. The poor kid had to be taken to the hospital and have a CT scan. He was heartbroken. He missed his first all-star game and spent the afternoon waiting to see if he broke his cheek bone. Luckily he has a hard head like me. His eye was perfectly fine, he didn’t have a concussion, and his cheek bone was not broken. Almost a week later the swelling is gone, it’s still black and blue and he has a nasty cut on his face but he is in good spirits and excited for next season.

Inspiration …

Tuesday afternoon the kids and I went to our local museum. Noah loves history and enjoys going through the different ancient civilizations displays. Abbey is four and she was more excited about her fruit snacks in the car and the park waiting for us outside.

After we went through the exhibits they always have we went upstairs and walked around an art show for local artist. There were three rooms filled with amazing artwork. Luckily for Noah and me each room had benches in them so we could look and enjoy the art and Abbey could sit and occupy herself. It was a blast looking at the art with Noah. In each room we would pick out our favorites and discuss them. To my surprise my favorite room was the one filled with the abstract art. I loved the colors, the movement, and the way each piece of art made me feel. Before the summer is gone I really want to take Noah to the art museum in Philly, I think it would be a fun day trip.

Not only was the trip to the museum inspiring but every time I go outside the house I find myself inspired. I pull a lot of inspiration from colors, textures, and images in nature. Right now there is an abundance of all of these and the world is full of so much eye candy.

New Project …

Here is a little peek at a new project I am working on, a new collage created from recycled materials. A vintage frame, recycled cardboard, vintage book pages, thread, sequins, pen, pastels, colored pencils, and acrylic paint are a few of the materials I am using to create this fun collage. As soon as I finish it I will share it with all of you.

Have a great weekend.

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