Monday, June 27, 2011

Homemade Rainbows ...

Every day I walk outside it seems like the yard is exploding with color. While watering the gardens this morning I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful rainbows that kept following me around the yard. I grabbed my camera and had Noah hold the hose. Mother Nature’s creations are amazing.

Abbey was at camp this morning so I took the time to sit and draw outside. I sat on a blanket in the yard, surrounded by flowers, with a brown paper bag, colored pencils and pastels and just drew. Here are the two drawings I created today.

Goldfinch ...

Coneflower ...

I am planning on combining these colorful pictures on a new collage I am working on.

After lunch, reading, and the slip and slide we decided to make a fun afternoon snack, homemade chocolate chip ice-cream sandwiches with rainbow sprinkles. They were yummy.

I hope everyone is having a colorful summer.

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  1. Noah and the rainbow ;)
    As usual I adore your drawings ... and HOLY HECK! You look exactly like my aunt! Well, when she was young. Freaked me out for a second.
    I REALLY have to get by here more often, because I'm in love with your art.


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