Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun at the Flea market…

Today I finally had a chance to go to my local farmers market and flea market. I bought some fabulous vintage goodies , saw some interesting pieces, and enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the market.I have not linked up with Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday in awhile and I thought this would be a perfect post to share. She always has wonderful vintage goodies and fabulous links so stop over. And now for my special vintage finds.
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Cute pooch planter!

Great wooden handle bag!

I love this Owl Lamp! I told the vendor if I came home with it my husband would have me committed!

Love the strawberry sugar bowl for a dollar!

Very fun I got the pair for a $1! It was the first time I have ever haggled a price!

The birds were great but a bit pricey!

I love adding sequins to my collages. I purchases a little craft box for $1 and I was lucky enough to have them come with!

I purchased 3 frames from this beautiful stand!


So many inspiring colors throughout the market!

Me and my partner in crime (my grandmother).

My grandmother swindled a little deal to get me these four cute kitties.

I love the adorable old men who sit outside the farmers market Barber shop!

$1 need I say more?

I can't leave the market without getting the kiddies some colorful cake doughnuts!


  1. I want "SO BAD" to go to that market! But No it's not for the Owl Lamp(I will leave that for you once you tell your Hubby how cute it was)...Your Grandmother is SO Sweet, Bless her heart for the cute kitties! My VERY VERY favorite thingy "IS" the doggie planter. LOVE IT! It definitely would have followed me home!
    Have a wonderful week,

  2. You did better than my sister and I. We saw a place like this and stopped. It was all Spanish and did know what was being said ,and their merchandise was not what I wanted. It was not a comfortable feeling. We just left empty handed.

  3. Heather, love the kitten with blue ball of yarn.


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