Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some New and Different Art …

Things that make me happy, trying something new.

I have been quite busy the last few days working on some new pieces of art. My newest colored pencil and pastel drawings have been created on vintage book covers and then attached with nails to plywood. Each piece is unique and part of their uniqueness is due to the different textures that each cover created.

The first piece I did features a colorful rooster sitting on a hill of flowers. I like how the title of the book and its simple star decoration adds to the colored pencil and pastel drawing. Before I attached the drawing to the plywood I sanded the wood and then painted it. I wanted to connect the frame with the original drawing that is why I decided to cover the wood with these vibrant and fun flowers. They match the ones featured on the rooster’s hill.

The next art piece I created is a little simpler and not quite as bright. I really wanted the barn owl’s pretty white face to be the focal point of the piece. I painted the frame a color close to the book cover and then added gold glitter to both parts of the art work to give it a little shimmer. I really love the simplicity of this art piece.

The last drawing I tackled was a little challenging. The book cover wasn’t the easiest surface to draw on but I really like how it turned out. I like all the little details in the drawing. Every time you look at it you discover something new. After I painted and stained the plywood I cut out miniature banners using vintage book pages, I then wrote the words in colored pencil and glued them to the board.

You will be able to find my fun new creations in my Etsy shop. Have a great weekend!


  1. As usual your stuff is beautiful :) Always love your roosters.

  2. Plain and simple! I like your work!

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