Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you shop ETSY???

Things that make me happy, my little Etsy purchases.

I like wondering around Etsy admiring all the beautiful art and all of the pretty little shops. I especially like looking at the vintage goodies, pottery, and handmade clothing. I have bought yummy rosemary soap from a variety of shops, I have purchased elegant fingerless gloves for my sister for Christmas from a very talented artist and recently I have picked up some fun goodies for myself. Since it is rainy and I can’t take any pictures of my new art I thought I would share some pictures of my latest finds and the names of some great shops.

I recently had to purchase glasses because I am getting old, and could no longer read without squinting. The case my glasses came with was flimsy, so I went on Etsy to see if I could find a cute vintage one. Look I did! I think it’s so pretty and my glasses fit perfectly inside. It is unique and much nicer than one I could of bought at the store. violet64

I was searching Etsy for metal hoops for a new idea I have when I stumbled on this cute vintage shop. The prices are reasonable and the shop owner is a real sweetheart. I not only bought the metal rings but some other fun sewing accessories and this fabulous jar of multicolored sequins. simplychictiques

I love owls. Obviously that is all I have been drawing and painting lately. So when I saw this wallet I had to get it. Actually Happy Kathy has so many fun fabrics to choose from I did hesitate for a minute. I have to make a confession I am 32 years old and this is the first wallet I have ever owned. That is probably the reason I have lost credit cards and my drivers license more than once. It’s nice to have everything organized. Every time I take the wallet out someone comments on it. I really should carry business cards around for the shop. happykathy

Lastly I wanted to show off this cute vintage plaid shirt I bought. I love plaid shirts and this one is so colorful. It really came in beautiful condition. I was nervous to buy vintage clothing online but I would definitely buy from this shop again. It’s my new favorite shirt! afterglowvintage

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  1. Aww, thanks so much! You are so sweet! I can't believe this is your first wallet!
    I would love to send you some business cards if you really want them! :)
    Thanks again so much!!


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