Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Tannenbaum ...

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a beautiful tree. Here are a few of my favorite trees from around the house.

This is our families Christmas tree. I love real trees. When we bring it home from the tree farm we decorate it with lights and tinsel. We don't put our ornaments on until Christmas Eve. It's a tradition we started after Abbey was born. It makes Christmas Eve even more special.

I always decorate my little silver tree with some of my most delicate vintage ornaments.

I have two matching tree candles. I keep at least one out all year long.

I love Shiny Brite Christmas ball boxes.

This is my favorite Christmas ball.

Our little tree in the kitchen is always decorated with colored lights and some of my favorite vintage ornaments.

This is the fun tree.

A little tree in a colander.

I painted this little tree to decorate the front porch.

I love how it shimmers when the lights hit it.
Have a great Wednesday, Stay Warm!!!

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