Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday, Goes to the Birds …

Today I am linking up to Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday. This Thursday I thought I would share some of my vintage roosters. I love vintage roosters. Every time I go to a flea market I always keep an eye out for a new piece to add to my collection.

This is my favorite rooster collectible. It is a white rooster vase. I love how the flowers bring out the character in this simple piece.

I got these two matching roosters for a great price a few years ago. They remind me of birds my great-grandmother had displayed above her kitchen cabinets.

I love the teal and purple on this vintage rooster tablecloth.

This is a cute little rooster book end.

This white rooster salt shaker had a partner, but the other rooster unfortunately met my youngest and didn’t survive.

This cute salt shaker also met my daughter but I was able to rescue him.

Thank you for visiting my little collection.


  1. You have a nice collection of roosters. You and my sister would make a great pair. She loves anything to do with roosters. Her entire house a far too many scattered around. You have some very vintage pieces.

  2. Oh - I liked the matched pair. So cute.

  3. You are just the sweetest little soul!

  4. My favorites are the ones in the second picture.

  5. I refuse to think about the roosters I did not keep, sigh. Each of yours has its own personality. Thank you for sharing. I will have to post about my earthquake peep.

  6. I love those roosters, especially the tablecloth! The colors are amazing! Have a great weekend and a great VTT!

  7. What a fun collection! I especially like the white rooster with the vase that when filled becomes his tail feathers. I can see why it is your favorite!


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