Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rednesday, A Touch of Red ...

Today I am linking up with It's A Very Cherry World! for Rednesday. I love the color red especially red flowers. One of my favorite perennials is, Monarda Jacob Cline Bee Balm. When we first moved into our home my mother was kind enough to share her perennials with us. Over the last eight years the Monarda Jacob Cline Bee Balm has multiplied, spread and definitely become one of the most vibrant flowers in my gardens. The blooms are full of character.

I think they look like brilliant red fireworks.

On Saturday we picked an assortment of berries and sweet cherries. The cherries were so good. They were definitely my favorite fruit that we picked Saturday.

They are not only delicious but adorable too.

The last two red items I am going to share are my little vintage red bird ornament and one of my white and red enamel bowls. I love enamel ware especially the pieces with red trim. This little bird is one of my favorite vintage ornaments. He is a little warn and has had his wings glued on several times but I think he is so cute.


  1. They DO look like brilliant red fireworks! Very pretty.

  2. Amazing photos Heather! I love your patch of Monarda, and I've always thought that it looks like fireworks too! I also have a thing for those enamel bowls. So many uses for them. Oh, and I really like your blog header!
    Happy REDnesday,

  3. Oh, I love Jacob Kline - mine hasn't even bloomed yet, and your patch of it is so big! What's that mingled in with it - Tall Verbena?

    Red enamelware is my favorite, too - I'm waiting for Mister to drill holes in some of mine so I can use them as planters. I see a Touch-Me-Not "weed" in the front left of it!

  4. I'm so loving your Red this week. Especially those cherries! Beautiful photos.
    Thanks for sharing with us all.

  5. Yum those cherries look great. Tha red and enamalware makes a cute planter. And, your Bee Balm looks great!


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