Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Little Garden …

This is our little garden. Creating it was a fun family project. Michael made a cute little picket fence out of scrap wood, old spindle legs and left over paint, while I dug out the garden. I love when we do projects together. We planted peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, a cucumber plant, lettuce, and some of our favorite herbs. I planted quite a few sunflowers but the bunnies in our yard found them quite tasty. I love watching the garden grow, it changes everyday.

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  1. Your garden is wonderful. I love the fence and the garden sign. I know what you mean about the bunnies!! Last week I was looking out the kitchen window and thought two dogs were on the other side of the fence where our garden is located. These were big dogs...oh no..deer! It was the first time I ever chased a deer away!! I have chased some bunnies this year too. I'm getting to be a real cranky gardener!!



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