Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Snow ...

I know if you live in the mid -Atlantic or the northeast you have seen your share of snow in the last week and you might be tired of it but I am not. I love the snow. It is just so beautiful. It makes everything look so fresh and new. It gives the stark winter landscape a face lift and with it comes a beautiful calmness. Today we received an additional 22” of snow. Noah has another snow day tomorrow and I am excited to go sledding, build a snow family, have snowball fights and just enjoy being out in the fresh air with my kiddies. I am planning on enjoying every inch of the white stuff.


  1. Love that bird!! Your snow looks so great! I hope you guys have tons of fun!! :)

  2. Cute little birdie! I live in California so I never see snow. I love looking at your snow pictures!

  3. I hope you have plenty of food! My aunt is just about out and thinking of eating the neighbor's dog!

    Maybe they will even let you paint! :)

  4. 22" of snow? I can't even imagine. Your photographs are positively incredible! Stay warm, toasty, and cozy... Jenn

  5. Lovely blog! Stumbled upon it and was intrigued by your artwork.

    Will check out your etsy site as well.

    Stay warm!


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