Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exhausted ...

I am exhausted. My two-year-old daughter, Abbey, has been quite sick the last several nights. It started Monday night; she didn’t want to eat dinner, and was a little more beastly than usual. I thought she was just tired, I was wrong the poor thing was coming down with a stomach bug. Neither of us got much sleep but once the sun came up she seemed fine, she was her normal, hyper, upbeat self. She went to bed at her normal time and I was looking forward to a good night sleep in my own bed. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. At midnight she started to cry and I walked in on an appalling scene that made me cry. At that moment I missed my husband so much, he has been out of town all week. It wasn’t so much that I needed his help cleaning the horrific mess I just wanted to hear him say, what can I do?
My hat goes of to single parents, I have no idea how they take on all the surprises that life throws at them plus tackle the challenging job of being a parent. I think they are amazing. Tonight I am extra excited to see my husband when he comes home from a business trip; I am looking forward to having an extra set of hands and someone to listen to me whine.


  1. It was love at first sight!! I just bought your tea cup painting!! I just could not help it and I have never bought a painting before. I hope your daughter gets better soon. :)

  2. Glad that your husband will be home soon. My husband leaves on Monday for a month!
    Just stumbled across your blog- I'm loving your artwork. Just beautiful!

  3. We too have been battling the stomach bug at my house. I had it then my 1 year old caught it. It has been a rough couple of days here too. I hope that your husband gets home soon to help you out. My husband was a baby during the whole stomach bug battle at my house. He was no help at all unfortunately. I agree with you on the single parent thing though. I don't know how they do it. I have a couple of friends that are single parents and I don't know how they keep their sanity. They are much stronger than I think I could be.

  4. Beautiful artwork! I am just stopping by your blog via Friday Follow, have a great weekend!


  5. Your art is very beautiful. I'm a new Friday Follow. Hope to see you at http://the


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